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August 2009

Internationally Recognized

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While on vacation in France, Tom Lockhart had the opportunity to ride part of the penultimate stage of this year’s Tour de France, the ascent up Mont Ventoux. It is estimated that on race day there were approximately half a million spectators on the mountain. On the day before this stage was to be held, cars and RVs picked their places on the route, fans pitched their tents, and a vast multitude of cyclists set out to attempt for themselves the 13 mile, 1900+ meter climb the professionals would battle the next day. Lockhart made the climb, and while on the mountain it was not unusual to hear voices from all around the globe. What was unexpected was to hear one of those voices exclaim, “Craig Gaulden Davis!” Tom had caught up with two riders on the descent who were engrossed in conversation about the race’s previous stage. One had taken note of Tom’s CGD cycling Jersey and called out, “Craig Gaulden Davis!” with an excited tone of recognition. As it turned out, that rider (who was currently working in California) had formerly been an intern at another architectural firm in Greenville. The second rider was a resident of Spartanburg South Carolina. It is funny how sometimes you have to travel half way around the world to meet the person next door. In any case, we can now truly say that Craig Gaulden Davis is a name that is recognized around the globe!

USC Opens Band and Dance Facility

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A new home for the University of South Carolina’s School of Music and for the Department of Theatre and Dance was completed earlier this summer. The 32,000 square foot, $10 million Band Hall & Dance Facility, located near the Blatt Physical Education Center, houses dance studios, dressing rooms, classrooms, a band rehearsal room, and storage for instruments. The former industrial site also includes a 110-yard practice field for the marching band.

Craig Gaulden Davis served as consultants to Garvin Design Group of Columbia, sharing expertise in the building type and helping designers incorporate recommendations of acousticians. CGD designed the School of Music’s main building on Assembly Street. Although the firm was selected for the project in 1980, the first building wasn’t designed and constructed until the mid-1990’s. Construction of new band space was postponed until the small building in which it remained was razed ten years later to make way for new research facilities.

Student Gives School A+

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In a Letter to the Editor, a nine-year-old Mount Pleasant Academy student praises her school and the new facility. Students will occupy the new building for the first time in August 2009.

Dear Editor,

In a few days I will be a fourth grader at Mount Pleasant Academy and I just wanted to say that when my mom and I walked around the school and out by the playground, I was so amazed. So much effort and hard work from the construction workers, principal and teachers went in to build this wonderful new school to improve our education. Even though we were already in good hands with the best teachers in the world, I’m excited to have a big new lunchroom, good bathrooms and a great playground that looks out at the marsh. I’ve been at MPA since kindergarten and I know this will be one of the best years. Thanks to Mr. Bill Lewis, Dr. Nancy McGinley, and Mrs. Jane Davis and our teachers for all they’ve done.

Love, Claire Hunt
9 years old

Pendergrass Passes ARE

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Craig Gaulden Davis (CGD) is pleased to announce that John S. Pendergrass, AIA, LEED AP successfully completed the Architect Registration Exam (ARE) earlier this year. Since joining CGD in 2006, Pendergrass has played a leading role in a variety of projects including the Etowah Branch Library in Etowah, North Carolina, the Broadway Lake Community Center in Anderson, South Carolina, and the Greenwood County Main Library in South Carolina. A native of Dayton, Ohio, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Design from Clemson University and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.

CGD Floats

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An adventurous group of CGD employees and guests enjoyed tubing on the Green River in Saluda, North Carolina on Saturday, August 1st. Later that afternoon, the river rats met other CGD employees and their families for a cookout at Greenville’s Stone Lake and enjoyed an afternoon of good food, kayak races and paddling tours of the lake.

Lockhart Passes ARE

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Craig Gaulden Davis (CGD) is pleased to announce that Thomas E. Lockhart, AIA, successfully completed the Architect Registration Exam (ARE) earlier this summer. Since joining CGD in 2004, Lockhart has played a leading role in a variety of projects including an adaptive re-use Courthouse project in Anderson, South Carolina, as well as municipal projects in Greer, South Carolina which include a new city park, a municipal court and police facility, and the award winning City Hall. A native of Alabama, he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University.