Calhoun Building Restoration

By April 16, 2009News

Craig Gaulden Davis has been selected by the state of South Carolina to lead the restoration and renovation efforts for the second oldest building on the state house grounds in Columbia, South Carolina. The John C. Calhoun Building, completed in 1927, is named for the South Carolina born statesman and political philosopher. Initially intended as the new home for the State Supreme Court, the court never occupied the building. The building housed state offices until renovations were completed in 1988, when the Court of Appeals occupied the building. The Sumter Street building now houses judicial offices for the state as well as the South Carolina Appellate Court and is located behind the state capitol.

The scope of the work includes waterproofing of foundation walls, restoration of the limestone, brick and the exterior facade. Interior renovations include a complete replacement of the mechanical systems and a new fire protection system. Architectural modifications are intended to add additional hearing rooms, refurbish the court rooms, provide new conference space as well as reconfigure office space and judge’s chambers. The project’s anticipated completion date is still pending at this time.

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