A History of Success

Founded in 1957 by classmates Kirk Craig and Earle Gaulden, and joined by Bill Davis in the sixties, CGD has been building meaningful relationships for 65 years.

Growing from a small local firm to a regional practice, the company prospered due to its resourcefulness, hands-on approach to project delivery, and unwavering integrity. Over the years interior design was woven into the practice, and the firm has been called on by both public and private sectors to meet increasingly complex challenges.

Today, guided by its second generation of leaders, Craig Gaulden Davis remains committed to the values embedded in its DNA: community, creativity and integrity. Architects and interior designers work together to find solutions that reach beyond building design to positively impact organizations and the communities they serve.

Committed To Our Principles


Craig Gaulden Davis carefully balances personal, institutional, and civic goals to help organizations and individuals strengthen the communities they serve.


Craig Gaulden Davis understands that buildings are not just shelters; they are symbols of what matters most, greenhouses that promote inspiration and growth.


The financial and physical capital with which we work is not our own. As such, our stewardship of resources is one of the most visible measures of our character.

Balancing Needs Through Sustainability

Sustainability is more than just adding a few solar panels to a building or installing some recycled carpet. It’s a careful balance between the needs of the client, community and environment. It’s about finding the right solution and discussing the impact of the choices we make.

For 65 years, CGD has helped our clients incorporate sustainable solutions that address their needs. No matter your priorities, we have the leadership and experience to guide you through the process, finding a solution that is right for you. To meet our sustainable commitment to you, we continue to evolve our…

Team Knowledge

  • By recruiting and maintaining one of the most experienced teams of architects, LEED APs, and designers, we are able to provide you with effective solutions that meet your sustainable aspirations.
  • We collaborate with leading consultants, engineers, and contractors to meet the goals you set for your project.

Project Delivery

  • Remaining flexible, we are able to adapt our project delivery methods to best fit your needs, establishing and achieving your sustainable objectives during design and construction.
  • Effectively utilizing tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Green Building Rating Systems (LEED, Green Globes, Energy Star), and web based project management, we more effectively design and deliver your project as a team.

Firm Leadership

  • We lead sustainable efforts within the building industry and our community by serving as leaders, educators, and volunteers.
  • Consistently measuring and improving our company’s sustainable performance allows us to continue our environmental stewardship.

Significant Sustainable Projects