Severn, MD


6,500 SF Renovation

Archbishop Spalding High School is a Catholic Archdiocesan high school for 1,200 co-ed students in Severn, Maryland.  The Learning Commons project converts 6,500 SF of library space, built in 1964, into a contemporary learning commons for students to collaborate, study, or meet with tutors, mentors, and fellow students to work in groups. The project upgrades include finishes, window treatments, and furniture.

Steelcase and the design team worked with the school administration and academic leaders to program the learning commons. Zoned for multiple types of learners whether they seek quiet study refuge, small study group sessions, or large classroom activity learning, the learning common’s furniture supports these various modalities. Warm, biophilic finishes and shades are provided to support stress reduction, focused learning, and an inclusive, welcoming environment where students want to stay and learn.