Honea Path, SC


11,000 SF

The new 11,000 SF athletic structure has been designed to be nestled between the high school and the football stadium. The pre-engineered structure will provide an enlarged weight room with an agility area floored with artificial turf. The building will also serve as a practice facility for one of the state’s most competitive wrestling programs, freeing up space inside the building for a future basketball practice gym.

The exterior of the building will be clad in brick to blend with the existing building. Visitors approaching the football stadium will be greeted with a large, arched window with clear, red and blue glass to promote school spirit.

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  • Scott Campbell says:

    I was wondering if I could get some more information on this project? I am a school board member for a high school in Michigan and we are thinking of putting up a building about this size for all of our outdoor athletic teams to use. We would like it to be completely open with just a bathroom and an entry area with open lockers to hang bags and change shoes.

    So I was wondering what kind of cost went into this project, actual building size, and time table.

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