Spartanburg, SC


40,500 SF

Converse College formed a public-private partnership with the National Campus and Collegiate Development Corporation in 2016 to construct a new suite-style dormitory located along the campus’s east corridor.

Commissioned to design a 40,000 square foot structure that maintains the aesthetic and scale of the historic campus, established in 1890, Craig Gaulden Davis provided full architectural and interior design services for a housing complex that integrates seamlessly with the neighboring buildings in the center of campus known as the Quad.

The three-story brick dormitory with contemporary aluminum windows features 6-room suites to accommodate 120 students. With a versatile classroom on the ground floor that will flex for use, the faculty and staff will benefit from added academic and meeting space, while the students enjoy the new 2nd floor terrace overlooking the lawn and campus rose garden.

Bold accent colors and sleek furnishings combined with vaulted ceilings and an abundance of natural light complete the bright atmosphere intended for the common areas. Suites are composed of 6 private sleeping rooms for residents opening onto spacious living areas, restrooms and kitchenette.