Greenville, SC


6,267 SF

Graphic Cow, a custom apparel company, commissioned CGD to upfit a 6,000 square foot space to combine two Greenville offices into their new headquarters. Contemporary offices consider every possible area as potential work and social space for increased productivity and job satisfaction. By creating a variety of comfortable and tech accessible nooks for solo or group activity, Graphic Cow has embraced these trends that offer flexibility and new opportunities for collaboration.

With CGD, Graphic Cow instilled their brand into the finishes and furnishings of the new office, balancing industrial, chic materials that speak to their craft. Warm wood flooring and dark metal accents coupled with large wall graphics and modern light fixtures offer a trendy vibe. The quality of Graphic Cow’s service can now be experienced in their products and by new or returning customers who conduct business in person. Central to the office floor plan is a large common area designed to facilitate relationship building between staff, clients, and vendors while more formal gatherings occur in the conference room. Here, sleek high contrast materials offer a blank slate for brainstorming sessions, utilizing horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Barn-style sliding doors, cowhide textiles, and screen printing graphics give the space the final touch of visual storytelling to complete The Cow’s brand story.