Gaffney, SC

Key Details:

Area: 65,000 SF
Completion:  August 2021

Limestone College is a growing, liberal arts college with a vision to centralize the social and intellectual activity on campus through a new state-of-the-art Library & Student Center. The core tenant of the design is to maximize transparency in highly flexible and tech-accessible spaces.

The upper-level library features stacks with compact shelving and areas for self-study, tutoring, collaboration, and classrooms. Sharing the second floor with the library is The Student Success Center and faculty and administrative offices. The lower-level open floor plan provides a large gaming and lounge area, student commons, school store, art gallery, and dining space with ample sightlines and visibility.

With nine buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, CGD was poised to capture the spirit of innovation while honoring the traditional nature of this historic campus through a design that will respond to the needs of today’s students and positively impact recruiting and retention.