Greer, SC


15 Acres

CGD assisted Kimley-Horn in developing the Greer Community Master Plan. This comprehensive community effort followed CGD’s successful completion of a new city park and city hall facility in downtown Greer as well as a new police and courts facility a few blocks away. This vibrant city’s strong leadership and the forward looking Partnership for Tomorrow used this master plan to fulfill their mission of providing the City of Greer and surrounding areas with the resources necessary to address a variety of issues that will benefit the community and make Greer a better place to live, work and invest.

This undertaking has served as a catalyst for downtown activity, and the new city hall / park complex has now become a destination event venue and revenue producer for the city.

• Flexible, 300 seat City Council Chambers / rentable public space
• Iconic clock tower with carillon
• Integrated trellis along park edge with views to fountain and amphitheater
• 150 seat state-of-the-art municipal courtroom
• Secure lobby and waiting areas
• New 911 call center, evidence storage facility, ready room, roll call, conference/training space, offices and interview rooms and renovation of detention space