Piedmont, SC


250,000 SF

Honorable Mention 2006, Precast and Prestressed Concrete Institute


To shorten the construction period and get students in the school quicker, Greenville County Schools chose to incorporate precast concrete produced locally for the entire structure. The Craig Gaulden Davis design team created a warm environment with as much natural lighting as possible. The 1,600 student school with a core of 2,000 features a multi-functional commons area that is flanked by a 2,000 seat gymnasium, a 675 seat auditorium and a kitchen.

The segmented curve on the media center at the front of the school softens the hard edges typical of precast concrete and creates a more welcoming entrance. The thin-set brick adds a traditional feel to the contemporary design. The stacked bond brick pattern helps disguise the joints in the precast concrete.


Associate Architect: Perkins + Will