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Buist Academy New Schoolyear

By October 8, 2013March 17th, 2021Projects



In August, students across the state returned to school with curiosity and anticipation for the new school year. In addition to meeting their new teachers and re-connecting with friends, the K-8 students of Charleston’s Buist Academy (and their parents) were excited to finally see their school’s make-over in person. The renovation and expansion designed by Craig Gaulden Davis, in partnership with Stubbs Muldrow Herin, features a vibrant new media center, a colorful, day-lit gymnasium, additional classroom space, and much more. It was a demanding project for the designers, who sensitively enhanced and complimented the historic existing facility, all while meeting the challenges of building in Charleston, a heavily-regulated setting. Check out this LINK for a related story from the Charleston City Paper, featuring two photos of the completed Buist Academy.