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There are so many ways to measure success but by any measurement, 2023 was a successful year for Craig Gaulden Davis Architecture.  We certainly met the standard of our mission statement – “Thoughtful Design: Positive Impact.”

Success in an architectural firm is challenging to measure because within any given year, firms are receiving projects, completing the design of a project or helping a client occupy a building that the firm designed.

The numerous projects that the firm is working on at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts are wonderful examples of our Thoughtful Design.  Greenville will benefit for decades from new music venues as well as spaces to expand the arts in our community.  It is a blessing to have a relationship with the Peace Center for over 30 years.

We have also had the privilege of working with the First Presbyterian Church of Greenville for over 30 years.  It was heartwarming to know that more people were able to celebrate the birth of Christ with the new worship facility that we completed in 2023.

We never start a project with the goal of winning a design award, but we feel affirmed when we are recognized for our work.  Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School in Richland School District Two and Fountain Inn High School in Greenville won the two highest recognitions by the Associations for Learning Environments (A4LE).  Equally successful projects include the opening of the Snellville, GA library, the renovations of the Laurens County Courthouse or work to enhance (and perhaps) save the Canton, NC community.  While maybe on a smaller scale, we were blessed to participate in projects for numerous municipalities and community colleges.

The privilege of working with a legacy firm such as Craig Gaulden Davis is that our work will benefit generations.  Our work in 2023 was thoughtful, functional and inspiring for generations to come.  We apply research findings in our design and are one of the few firms in the region that does research.  In 2023 we did an assessment on the new Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School and we delighted to learn that the children felt more safe, test scores increased, there were less discipline issues, less absenteeism among students and staff and the highest teacher retention rate in the state.  What a positive impact design can have for a community.

There were positive changes in our CGD community as well.  Sophia Delgado, Stewart Cartmell, Melissa Scarborough and Ali McClure obtained their professional registrations.  These talented individuals are even better equipped to serve our clients.

Family is as integral to our culture as design.  This year our CGD family expanded.  We added four incredibly talented recent graduates – Hayden Duncan and Alex Poston from Clemson, Zach Bishop from the University of Tennessee and Shihui Zhu from Syracuse joined our Baltimore office.

We also expanded our CGD family with the birth of four boys.  Nashe was born to Tinashe Kasiyamhuru, Beckett was born to Rebecca Wilson, River was born to Kate Lacher and Duncan was born to Cameron McRae.  What blessings they are.

We are fortunate that we were given the opportunity to collaborate with clients to meet their vision and give us the opportunity to showcase our talents.  We look forward to continued success in 2024. We have many exciting projects on the boards, including a Net Zero elementary school in Baltimore.