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Tinashe Kasiyamhuru

We are happy to introduce, Tinashe, our aspiring linguist. In addition to English, he is proficient in Shona, a confident speaker of Ndebele and Zulu, and continues to be a student of French, German, and Algerian Arabic. Tinashe studied and/or worked in his home country of Zimbabwe, then South Africa, and now Baltimore, Maryland.


Tinashe received a Master of Architecture from Morgan State University leaving with an even stronger passion for design and interest in the education sector. Just starting with our Baltimore team, Tinashe is working toward licensure with the ‘big dream’ of designing and fundraising for a technical college in Harare, Zimbabwe.


Ambitions run high with this one even when he’s not designing architecturally. His extracurriculars are developing an inspirational fitness brand, soccer, learning said languages, and You Tubing the housing market, new tech, and American politics. Good luck and welcome aboard!

Augustus Abbey

With an eagerness to make an impact through design and in the community, Augustus chose Clemson University’s School of Architecture, just a few stone throws away from his hometown of Columbia, Maryland. With a motherly nudge, he chose to study the art and science of architecture which naturally connected his interests in computer science, photography, drawing, and design.


At Clemson, Augustus became a Co-President of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) on campus. He mentored underclassmen through design competitions and with general studio-work through NOMAS and kindergarten students through Clemson Hope. He was the soccer captain of his intramural team, The Mighty Ducks, thrived as a student photographer for football and basketball games, and graduated with a minor in Digital Arts Production.


Demonstrated by his desk collage of photographs, Augustus builds community with ease and is planning, over the next few years, to visit different architecture friends in grad schools across the US.


Welcome to the team!

Cameron McRae

Our bow-tie wearing, dog loving, woodworking, newly married, designer, Cameron, is back! We featured him here last summer when he was our summer intern. Since then, he has graduated from Clemson with his Master of Architecture and joined us full time!

Kate Barton Lacher

Kate Barton (I mean Lacher) our Creative Coordinator got married this summer. After nearly four decades with the same name enter Dante Lacher (pronounced don-tay locker). Now newlyweds, Dante reviews flashcards and practices greeting with Kate every morning. She values everyone’s understanding as her social media presence, legal documents, email signature, voicemail, and in-person introductions all make adjustments.