Severn, MD

Key Details:

Area: 6,200 SF
Completion: August 2020

The Engineering, Robotics and Cyber-Security programs are housed in the Clearedge Innovation Center which leverages learning by actively engaging students in design and building. Technology-rich flexible classrooms are outfitted with tall white boards, moveable, height adjustable tables/chairs, power from above and wall-mounted monitors accessed by student-owned electronic devices.  Research has shown when the learning space adapts to multiple pedogagies, learning outcomes improve.

Students work in groups to design machines then build prototypes in the maker space.  The maker space is filled with cutting, sanding, bending and drilling machines, CNC machines, assembly tables, material and project storage.  Utilities such as dust collection and power come from above; and the data is wireless allowing the space to be completely reconfigurable to align with student project needs.  Flexibility enhances learning.

All spaces have glass walls to view activity between classrooms and maker space and for views to the outdoors.  Research tells us maximum daylight and views to nature enhance learning and stress reduction.  Steel and utilities are exposed displaying the components of the building to inform the components of the students’ project.

Similar to the curriculum’s marriage of design and building, the exterior marries metal and glass with the red brick of the existing school.  They work together to create the final composition.  The south glass has a frit and the presentation space has a metal ceiling pattern like one that may be created by a CNC machine.  The glass pattern creates a dapple light effect, similar to light through a tree canopy; and the body’s reaction is to de-stress.