Williamsburg and Georgetown Counties

Key Details:

Completion:  February 2022

The Black River State Park master plan is an effort of conservation partners, state agencies, and local governments to envision a series of linked riverside public and private parks along a 70-mile stretch of South Carolina’s Black River. Led by Earth Design, Craig Gaulden Davis, Arnett Muldrow, and ADC Engineering, Inc. were commissioned by Open Space Institute to work with a steering committee and surrounding communities to preserve, protect, and celebrate the valuable natural and cultural history of the greater Black River waterway for future generations through a master planning process.

The master plan process documents and explores recreational and educational opportunities along the River between Williamsburg and Georgetown counties and past historic communities including Kingstree, Andrews, and Choppee. Our team gathered information to provide site analyses, community input, land use plans, and a final master plan of what the Black River Water Trail & Park Network could be.