Huntersville, NC

To remain on the cutting edge of car racing and have the top crew in NASCAR, Joe Gibbs Racing built a motion-capture lab with force plates integrated under the concrete with dozens of motion-capture cameras in the ceiling.  The racing team realized the need for such a facility to train basketball and volleyball players. Craig Gaulden Davis Architecture assisted the Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute by figuring out how to install a sprung wood floor over the concrete sensors as well as basketball goals in locations to optimize the use of the existing sensors and capture the most data.

The force plates record the forces exerted onto the floor creating a sequence of data that creates an understanding of a player’s acceleration, deceleration, and reactivity.  The dozens of motion-capture cameras in the ceiling capture data on the bio-mechanical movements of players during training.  Motion capture high-frame video creates computer vision algorithms that can be used to identify a person’s joints as well as the ball at 250+ frames per second.  This information allows coaches and analysts to understand how they move, utilizing more complex analysis/modeling.