Greenville, SC

Key Details:

Area: 17,000 sf
Completion:  Spring 2023

Located at 235 East Parker Road in the Greenville district of City View will be a new 17,000 sf mixed-use building that is designed to revitalize the neighborhood and serve as an anchor for the community. This area represents a once flourishing textile mill town that has seen its share of hardship and disinvestment over the course of the end of the 20th century. The site is in a food/medical/personal services desert causing families to travel a great distance to access basic needs. As a part of a greater revitalization effort, Greenville Revitalization Corporation is developing City View Corners to attract tenants that will fill the needs of the community and provide affordable housing units. Several small businesses have committed including a ‘bodega’ style grocer, a hair salon, and a PR company.

Situated among the historic mills that contributed to the City View’s once-prosperous history, the building takes design inspiration from its context. A primarily brick façade with arch windows and brick detailing speaks a common, timeless language that welcomes the community with its historic character. Contemporary elements like illuminated canopies and a vertical panel stair tower signify important moments of the building making it easily accessible and legible for those visiting for the first time. Inside, a monumental stair designed with elevated finishes is designed to encourage its use and the health and well-being of tenants. Each unit features a full-size kitchen, oversized windows which allow for an abundance of natural light and fresh air, and a material palette of natural, durable finishes that evoke a calming sense for those who will call this building home.