Laurens County, SC

Key Details:

Area: 14,000 sf

The Laurens County Courthouse, originally constructed in 1837-40, occupies the center block of the City of Lauren’s Public Square. The 14,000 SF 2-story Greek Revival structure is listed on the US Department of Interior’s National Register of Historic Places and has undergone a number of additions and renovations through the years modifying its appearance and use.

CGD was commissioned to restore the building’s historic exterior and interior to be similar to its appearance in 1911 with historically appropriate enhancements to expand its functional use by the county and community. To achieve this, the project has been divided into three phases. Completed in 2019, Phase I restored the historic copper dome and repaired the rainwater management systems.

Phase II, scheduled to begin in late spring 2022, will restore the building’s exterior historic features to appear similar to 1911. It will include the addition of an ADA elevator in the interior. The exterior improvements will include: installing new historic windows and doors; removal of the 1972 non-historic additions; restoration of the stucco facade and pediments; a new copper roof, gutters, and downspouts; restoring the monumental stairs; new historic metal railings; and new exterior lighting.

The future Phase III will recast the interior to be compatible with its historic exterior and allow flexible use. It will serve as a meeting center for County meetings (including County Council) and host business, educational, community, and private events requiring lecture, conference, banquet, exposition, performing arts, and social space(s). It will also house a multi-use exhibit space and small visitor center where the building’s historic structural features will be unveiled. The building’s infrastructure will also be replaced or added including the mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, and low voltage systems.