North Charleston, SC


86,500 SF

The design of the North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary School is in conformance with its overall mission of engaging students in a multi-cultural, arts centered curriculum, which provides a safe, nurturing environment. Evident as soon as one passes through the school’s front doors, a floating laminate cloud and whimsical fixtures over the welcome desk, exposed white structure and natural light create a space that is cheerful and welcoming, yet maintains required security protocols.

Along the classroom corridors, each door is surrounded by a colorful entry portal that serves as pin up space and brightens the hallway. A central open gallery features high ceilings, airy cylindrical pendants, and full height pin up walls for displaying student artwork. Playful colors and art-centric spaces throughout the school foster creativity and engaged learning.

Craig Gaulden Davis partnered with Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.