Rockville, MD

Key Details:

Area: 4,350 SF Renovation; 758 SF New Construction
Completion: March 2021

This project, for Montgomery County Public Schools, provided a secure glass vestibule with lockable interior doors directing visitors to the general office for clearance before gaining access to the school. A camera, two-way speakers, electronic hardware, remote lock release, and automatic door openers were provided. The project required a renovation and new configuration of spaces adjacent to the secure vestibule including the General Office, Attendance Office, Work Room, Health Suite, and Conference Rooms. New finishes and casework were provided throughout the entire suite. New ADA compliant toilet rooms were provided for students and staff.

A new exterior glass and metal-panel fa├žade with illuminated cast metal signage, school branding, and canopies help visitors identify the entrance as they approach the school.