Greenville, SC


43,000 SF

In the summer of 2010, Campbell Young Leaders purchased a surplus property from Greenville County Schools that could serve as the home of a new charter elementary school. The building had stood the test of time: Craig Gaulden Davis designed the structure in the mid-60’s, renovated it for use as a Fine Arts Center in the 70’s, and equipped it to serve as a public radio studio in the 80’s. This time, it would house an innovative curriculum for under-served elementary school students.


Legacy Charter Early College is a publicly funded program open to any student in Greenville County but the school’s mission is to educate children of poverty who are typically one to two grade levels behind. Through an extended school day and an extended school year, the school’s goal is, not only, to bring the students up to their grade level but for each student to graduate with transferable college credit.

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